Zidan Benevolence International


Rescue the poor and most vulnerable

We are a Community Based Organization (CBO) founded in 2018, to support community groups in Uganda that were most affected by the global AIDS crisis. We serve all the people irrespective of age, gender, and religion, by giving equal chance and opportunity to all the target groups.



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Who We Are

Visiting and helping the sick To Get Their medications

Visiting homes is a great idea because it really saves those in need of our help. That’s why we keep on emphasizing or participate in door to door mobile voluntary counseling and testing in order to check on the positive living who are on treatment and help them with the relevant information on the link between nutrition and HIV/Aids.

HIV and AIDS affect virtually every aspect of child development and jeopardize the enjoyment of children’s rights. They undermine health and schooling, reinforce marginalization and deprivation, and place the burdens of loss, fear and adult responsibility onto the shoulders of children. We now call for the combined action in the following key areas

What People Says



We are determined, optimistic and enthusiastic about creating an HIV free country.
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