Kiyini Jimedine

Kiyini Jimedine, is a professional social worker, Founding Executive Director Zidan Benevolence Uganda, a nonprofit organization with a mission of improving the health of the communities we serve, including underserved, and global populations through education, research, outreach, service and creative partnerships.

Mr. Jimedine is also improving scientific capacity, strengthening the health care and treatment services for women, children, and families. AHI-Uganda Co. Founder. Infodemic Manager, Social Media Manager-Global Immunization Action Network Team, Ambassador Global Peace Chain, Ambassador Stigma Project and Worked with Uganda Red Cross Society as a community social worker, HIV Hope International as a Peer Educator, he is trying to drive and innovate people to make positive change through adopting healthier lifestyle behaviors. He steers online and groundbreaking campaigns to end HIV/AIDS and COVID19 stigmatization while also addressing COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy, misinformation, and disinformation in Uganda.

My Passion

He has a great passion for helping others especially the impoverished people in underserved communities of Uganda and he fulfills his passion by implementing projects that impact positive changes to impoverished people in underserved communities and volunteering at various non-profits organizations. He has been involved in promoting wellness through education to children and parents in vulnerable situations and promoting vaccination by volunteering at various vaccination sites of COVID-19 in Uganda and the Middle East.


With his previous experience, he gained executive abilities in the public health area and began to provide his knowledge and skills to the Global Immunization Action Network Team since 2020. His role in GIANT is to work with over fifty countries globally to bring awareness about immunization through education using various digital communication channels and offline.  He has come to understand the importance of battling the current infodemic throughout the world in the endeavor to stop misinformation and disinformation concerning Covid-19 and vaccines, which he has become very ardent about. Anyone who knows me knows I am an open book and I love who I am becoming today.          

Mr. Jimedine bases his decisions on careful assessments and calculations. He weighs the pros and cons and makes comparisons to real circumstances in considering the benefits with the losses. Since he knows we face a wide variety of cultures and different attitudes when online and, on the ground, whether the context relates to youth or the elderly he takes time to think things through and finds creative solutions. He shows empathy, gives encouragement for others to win and to overcome their struggles with confidence. He humbly and respectfully acknowledges those he gives guidance to for their achievements.