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Your donation today will help us reach out to millions living in abject poverty across Uganda. Our assistance includes improvements at all levels, including communities, hospitals and health centers, districts and provinces, and national quality programs and policy.

Every donation, small or large, can have a huge impact on one’s life

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In Buikwe District Central Uganda, ZBI partnered with journalists, theater groups to generate powerful communication strategies for individual communities. The Integrated Family Health Project not only engaged community leaders to deliver health-related messages but also provided training and support to develop the messages, building a cadre of professionals capable of using media to address future health and development needs.

COVID19, Sanitation and Hygiene Awareness Fund

The world is currently faced with a pandemic of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), a new virus that spreads so fast through droplet infection especially in crowded places and causes illness.  It is spread from person to person through sneezing or coughing (droplet infection), human to human contact and contact with contaminated surfaces.

Donate to Support HIV sensitization campaigns

We build knowledge, mobilize people, inspire leadership and facilitate all voices to play significant roles in the response to HIV. We work with communities in Buikwe District (central Uganda) to support people living with HIV and reduce the effects of stigma and discrimination. HIV/AIDS in Uganda has recently rebound due to people neglecting the fact that it is still killing people at an unbelievable rate. The Main Goal of this project is to support Buikwe District by developing HIV programs that focus on creating better health outcomes for underserved and vulnerable populations.

We work with providers, community leaders, patient advocates, and government officials to identify gaps, then develop and scale up best practices to achieve sustainable improvements.

Zidan Community Based Organization supports nearby Districts to develop HIV programs that focus on creating better health outcomes for underserved and vulnerable populations. We apply locally adapted, country-led methods to improve health care systems. Our programs advance the United States Global Health Initiative’s objective of creating an AIDS-free generation.

Our approach aligns with the Global Health Initiative’s principles of health systems strengthening to increase sustainability, strategic coordination and integration of services, gender-sensitive programming, and country leadership and ownership.

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