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The organization is facing a lot challenges within the rural areas of Uganda especially the means of transport used that is road transport and water. Getting access to the health center and community member is not all that easy for them since they do hire a van and in muddy areas the owner/driver doesn’t want to exceed. Any call for help we receive from these remote areas especially in helping the pregnant women, our response is just 20% due to the means of transport we use especially when we are to attend to such situations. Emergence issues are appalling where we have to use motor cycles or bicycles to rescue and offer the first treatment/First Aid to those in need of medical attention.

Buikwe District has a total area of about 1209 Square Kilometers of which land area is 1209 square km. The total population 146,641The District has got 30 Health Centers of different level where almost 75% have to walk 5 to 6kms to access the treatment.

Percentage Distribution of Households within 5 Km and Over to the nearest Public Health Facility; Buikwe District

The number/ ratio of doctors or healthy workers to the patients is alarming where very few doctors work on many patients. This brings in delays at the dispensaries on the appointment days. Some even end up not getting the services as needed in time and HIV/AIDS tend to be common in all the places in question basing on the statistics from their different hospitals. This is because the greatest numbers of patients they get are mainly inquiring about this deadly disease for example in Kasanda Health Center IV where 1422 clients are on ART and not all attend because some could not afford public transport fares. So, at this point we want to come in and start monitoring those who prove HIV positive and given the ART right from their resident homes and where needed to transport them to the health centers if the condition require a proper medical attention. We’re calling upon those who would like to give in a hand and donate to our cause so that we get a van to ease our road transport to deliver our services in to our community members.


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