Kiyini Jimedine is a Professional social worker, motivation speaker and community Activist trying to drive and innovate people to make positive change, rescue and care for the undeserved free from COVID19, HIV/AIDS and extreme poverty. Represented Uganda as the Ambassador at Stigma. Steered online campaigns to end stigmatization in black communities and initiated local partnerships with the government, civil society and the private sector to end stigmatization and Shared stories from Uganda with the other ambassadors from other parts of the world. Worked with Uganda Red Cross Society as a support staff, were I Initiated partnerships with government, civil society, and private entities working in the same field and offered professional counseling services to clients as per Red Cross’s standards. Volunteered with AHI-Uganda, HIV HOPE International and Abu Dhabi We’re police Initiative.

Am the founder of Zidan Benevolence International with a mission to work towards the elimination of HIV/AIDS stigma and fight against pediatric HIV/AIDS through Disease awareness, Disease Prevention, Professional and Child Education, Improving scientific capacity, strengthening healthcare and treatment services for women, children, and families. I do my work through engaging vulnerable communities, reaching the most marginalized, supporting health systems, continuing education, working through volunteers, sustaining livelihoods and building resilience.

Am always enthusiastic and believe in our organization. Small setbacks will not deter me, but will actually motivate me to work even harder-things that can only get me better after all. With my never ending enthusiasm, i motivate and encourage other community members. Sometimes all what i need is to complete a project successfully believing that i can achieve it. I always believe in the worst case scenario and expect that things that can go wrong will go wrong, that is why I am very risk-averse. However, with my tendency to be more careful, i keep the team grounded and keep them from making ill-advised decisions.

I hold the middle of the ground position between the optimist and pessimist. Am neither overly optimistic nor do i expect doom and gloom around every corner.
I base my decisions on careful assessments and calculations. I weigh the pros and cons with each other and consider the benefits with the losses. Since i know that am going to face different people with different attitudes, young, youth and old, i don’t take time to think and to be creative, i just follow someone to win with no struggle and after i try to take credit for everyone else’s work.