No Man Is An Island

We all need human connection to live a health life.

I am a Rural Based HIV Artist. I won’t sugar coat it. Started my voluntary work in 2006 with HIV Hope International led by Duane Crumb a Florida Based USA citizen, I was among the founders of Abstinence Hope International, Joined Uganda Red cross 2009, 2014 I represented The Stigma Project as a Uganda Ambassador and finally in 2018 came up with a fully registered Community Based Organization (CBO) that is Zidan Benevolence International.

I’ve so far visited 1407 villages, 147 parishes, 39 sub counties, 48 districts and 3countries. Am now capable of running the CBO with my friends and I’m not ashamed of my past because if am to remember I walked 22308Killometers for a primary living Examination Certificate and now working in rural communities isn’t hard for me because I am used of it.

We only focus on Health (HIV/AIDS) and Community Development (Giving Developmental ideas). We carry out what we call (D2DVCT) Door to Door voluntary counseling and Testing. Anyone who knows me knows I am an open book and I love who I am becoming today.

We have to stop pretending that being a positive living/HIV Activist/Advocate is something to be ashamed of. We have to talk about it. AIDS sucks for the positive living and their families without relevant information about the HIV virus. When we silence the problem and pretend like everything is okay when it isn’t, the fire grows, and disintegrates everything in its path.

So, to alert or make everyone know, we need to band together as a unit every day, especially to conquer the strength of the AIDS virus. History will surely judge us harshly if we do not respond with all the energy and resources that we can bring to bear in the fight against HIV/AIDS.Let us remind ourselves that our work is far from complete.

Where there is poverty and sickness, including AIDS, where human beings are being oppressed, there is more work to be done. Our work is for freedom for all. Treating HIV/AIDS is a lifelong commitment that demands strict adherence to drug protocols, consistent care, and a trusting relationship with health care providers. AIDS does not inevitably lead to death, which is well known now especially if you suppress the co-factors that support the disease.

AIDS is no longer a death sentence for those who can get the medicines It is very important to tell this to both the positive and negative living. AIDS today is not a death sentence. It can be treated as a chronic illness, or a chronic disease.

People with HIV and AIDS are nothing to be afraid of. They are people just like every single one of us, and each has a story to tell. The positive living should be helped, embraced, and not dismissed. We need to open our hearts and our minds to them, and we just may learn we’re pretty much all the same. We have to live neutralized life without seeing no status.

Today the biggest problem in caring for the positive living is no longer mainly a medical or scientific problem. The crisis is access to affordable drugs especially in Buikwe District. The trouble is, it’s very difficult to pin-point the most important thing because Aids affects everyone in different levels of society, differently and you have to respond to it differently.

AIDS today is not a death sentence. It can be treated as a chronic illness, or a chronic disease. And if a person follows his/her medicine regimen, he/she will become UNDETECTABLE. This means that the virus is not detectable in his/her body system. And UNDETECTABLE means that you can’t transmit the virus and no one can get it from you.The HIV/AIDS treatment leads to;

U=U (Undetectable equals Untransmittable)

T=T (Tekalabwa era Tekasiigibwa) Luganda/Uganda Version)