We are on the journey to changing lives

Our History

We are a Community Based Organisation dedicated to extending health care to the most underserved commnuities in Uganda and also early childhood education for young people in rural areas. We work towards sustianable communities, provide water and promote sanitation.

Our History

Zidan Benevolence International is an indigenous, non-profit making; a charitable organization established in 2010, allowed to operate legally within Buikwe District in 2018 as a Community Based Organization (CBO) and later incorporated at the National level with Uganda Registration Service Bureau (URSB) in 2019. We are an operational CBO. We serve all the people irrespective of age, gender, and religion, by giving equal chance and opportunity to all the target groups. We offer support to all people in terms of economic strengthening, food and nutrition security, Health, Water Sanitation and shelter, education, psychosocial support/basic care, child protection and legal support in rural communities, schools, religious institutions, and offer our free life saving and life-transforming services to all

We Work To.....

We work to fight against pediatric HIV/Aids, and operate within Buikwe district to provide HIV prevention, care and treatment services for women, children, and families through Disease awareness, Disease Prevention, Professional and Child Education, Improving scientific capacity, Strengthening healthcare system and Community development. In order to achieve our mission, Zidan Benevolence International collaborates with and empowers communities to play a strong role in planning, delivering, and monitoring HIV prevention, care and treatment services. 

The organization is committed to identifying, documenting, and replicating sustainable models of community involvement and service delivery that enhance coordination and partnership between the health sector and communities in order to further the highest attainable standards of health and well-being for all. As such, the organization collaborates with a variety of stakeholders, including government agencies, civil society organizations, community leaders, faith-based institutions, networks of people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS, non-governmental  organizations, and other entities.


Over 1,000

people reached

Our Work continues

We are certain from what we have witnessed from our simple interaction with Buikwe village community members and hopeful optimistic faces that we are betting on the right people who need our attention and the right generation for the future of Uganda. 

We do face challenges especially when we’re giving them our views during voluntary counseling and testing based on the rumors they hear. But we convince them based on the facts about HIV/Aids. Sometimes if your point of view is positive, you will see the challenges in the future as opportunities. 

Though stigma is still within these communities, the best way to curb it, we need to know the root cause first, and those are the modes of transmission. They still have it in mind that when you shake hands with a positive living, you can be infected. That’s where stigma starts. 

Our key members are optimistic; they’re always enthusiastic and believe in the project. Small setbacks will not deter them, but will actually motivate them to work even harder-things that can only get them better after all. With their never-ending enthusiasm, they motivate and encourage other community members and sometimes all that they need is to complete a project successfully believing that you can achieve it. 


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We continue to impact

They always believe in the worst-case scenario and expect that things that can go wrong will go wrong. That is why they’re very risk-averse. However, with their tendency to be more careful, they keep the team grounded and keep them from making ill-advised decisions. In addition to that, they hold the middle of the ground position between the optimist and pessimist. They’re neither overly optimistic nor do they expect doom and gloom around every corner.

They base their decisions on careful assessments and calculations. They weigh the pros and cons with each other and consider the benefits with the losses. Since they know that they’re going to face different people with different attitudes, young, youth and old, they don’t take time to think and to be creative, they just follow someone to win with no struggle and after they try to take credit for everyone else’s work