Our Work.

What We Do

We are a Community Based Organisation dedicated to extending health care to the most underserved commnuities in Uganda and also early childhood education for young people in rural areas. We work towards sustianable communities, provide water and promote sanitation.

Bringing people together to end poverty, health inequalities and promote water, sanitation and hygiene

We fight hunger, health inequalities directly and also provide water, sanitation, hygiene to people from rural areas. We esnure that children from rural areas have access to quality education

Zidan Benevolence International work strengthens the performance and interconnectedness of four of the six health system building blocks identified by the World Health Organization that is service delivery, health workforce and strategic information (commodities, health financing(to a small extent if not funded), and leadership and governance)….

There are currently a number of people without access to clean water and a thousand not using improved sanitation. Zidan Benevolence International is committed to addressing the ongoing challenges associated with the lack of clean water, sanitation and good hygiene around the country……

We build knowledge, mobilize people, inspire leadership and facilitate all voices to play significant roles in the response to HIV. We work with communities in Buikwe District (central Uganda) to support people living with HIV and reduce effects of stigma and discrimination……

Visiting homes is a great idea because it really saves those in need of our help. That’s why we keep on emphasizing or participate in door to door mobile voluntary counseling and testing in order to check on the positive living who are on treatment and help them…

Stopping malaria transmission and malaria-related deaths is widely recognized as an achievable goal, with remarkable progress since 2008, but achieving that goal requires comprehensive, integrated programming. Zidan Benevolence International engages in a wide range of malaria prevention and control activities.

Where We Work

Over 2,000 people, reached in nearly 5 districts in Uganda
Distance doesn’t diminish our love.

We always try to reachout to different people in different regions of Uganda especially those from underserved communties and remote areas.


A federation of all humanity, together with a sufficient measure of social justice, to ensure health, education, and a rough equality of opportunity to most of the children born into the world, would mean such a release and increase of human energy as to open a new phase in human history.

H. G. Wells