Project Goals

To build vaccine confidence by responding to the infodemics through presenting relevant evidence based credible factual vaccine information both online and offline to people to embrace and make a right quick decision in accepting immunization within communities.

To eliminate Global Vaccine hesitancy and work towards creating a world that embraces immunization as a tool to improve global public health.

Target Audience


Community Immunity for All!


Build awareness, confidence and uptake in COVID-19 vaccines among all eligible Ugandan citizens. 

The historic public health crisis resulting from the SARS-CoV-2 (hereafter COVID-19) pandemic has resulted in tremendous mortality and morbidity, as well as unprecedented economic loss and disruption to daily life in Uganda and across the world. Long-term control of the COVID-19 pandemic hinges on the development, distribution, and uptake of vaccines. Although highly effective COVID-19 vaccines have been developed rapidly and a phased plan for national vaccine distribution has been established, ensuring the success of national vaccination efforts requires a communication plan to address vaccine hesitancy and foster confidence. Despite the considerable suffering and disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, polls suggest that a sizable proportion of the Ugandan population either does not plan to receive a COVID-19 vaccine or is unsure about receiving a vaccine. To enhance acceptance and trust in COVID-19 vaccines among the diverse populations in Uganda, ZBI designed a 3 C communication model to promote sustainable behavior change.


We offer practical guidelines for public health and risk communication that will enhance current misinformation and will cut through the infodemic, supporting accessible, reliable, actionable, and inclusive communication.

We talk directly with our community tribe groups and learn about their traditional knowledge which help us achieve various development outcomes, such as disease prevention. We ensure that Informal conversations followed by structured engagements with community leaders are established in a two-way flow of information that facilitates mutual understanding about potential Programming. Identify influencers and recruit them as ambassadors to deliver vaccine education/information within their communities in their language and appropriate images. And then we seek their consent and approve to display necessary information on their mobile means.

To improve vaccine confidence and COVID-19 vaccination rate, we share steps for tailoring messaging and materials to your specific audience

Health communications and social marketing work best when they are engaging, relevant, motivating, and actionable.