Who We Are

We are a Community Based Organisation dedicated to extending health care to the most underserved commnuities in Uganda and also early childhood education for young people in rural areas. We work towards sustianable communities, provide water and promote sanitation.

Promoting Health | Early Childhood Education | Ensuring The Well Being of People

We are a Community Based Organization (CBO) founded in 2018, to support community groups in Uganda that were most affected by the global AIDS crisis. We serve all the people irrespective of age, gender, and religion, by giving equal chance and opportunity to all the target groups.

100+ Vital Services Provided

5+ Years of Experience

9+ Districts Reached in Uganda

2K+ People Reached

Give Money.

Will you change a person's life today?

Your donation today will help us reach out to millions living in abject poverty across Uganda. Our assistance includes improvements at all levels, including communities, hospitals and health centers, districts and provinces, and national quality programs and policy.

Every donation, small or large, can have a huge impact on one’s life

Give Time.

Share your time, share your love for a community

By contributing their time and skills, our volunteers are helping to improve the lives of some of the Uganda’s poorest people through providing health care services, early childhood education, food, water and sanitation, while also developing personally.