Taking Care of the Sick

visiting the sick in buikwe

Visiting homes is a great idea because it really saves those in need of our help. That’s why we keep on emphasizing or participate in door to door mobile voluntary counseling and testing in order to check on the positive living who are on treatment and help them with the relevant information on the link between nutrition and HIV/Aids HIV and AIDS affect virtually every aspect of child development and jeopardize the enjoyment of children’s rights.

They undermine health and schooling, reinforce marginalization and deprivation, and place the burdens of loss, fear and adult responsibility onto the shoulders of children.

Visiting Buikwe Village

We now call for the combined action in the following key areas Preventing new infections among young people Providing paediatric treatment for children living with HIV Preventing mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) of HIV Protecting, caring for and supporting orphans and other children affected by HIV and AIDS.

Our campaign reinforces the message to make a real difference in the lives of children affected by HIV and AIDS.

We address all the four mentioned areas above in order to provide effective care and support for children orphaned by AIDS, treatment must be provided to children living with HIV and to their parents to delay orphaning, efforts must be made to prevent mother-to-child trans-mission, and new infections must be prevented.

Meeting the challenge will require strengthening and coordinating partnerships at all levels within and outside the country.